Apple's Iphone 8 Biggest Secret Leaks

Apple's Iphone 8 Biggest Secrets Leak
iPhone 8 render based on leaks by Nodus and Gordon Kelly  
Apple to add some significant new upgrades to iPhone 8 edition, that also revels some fats about what features could be added or removed from it.

According to 9to5Mac Apple will remove TOUCH ID integration and replace it wit a untested 'Face ID' facial recognition system in both of it Pay and logistics. It also been in known that Pearl has been recognized as the Face ID source code, and as the implementation of it is crucial.

Personally, theory to be known if Touch ID will be dead than, Apple fans may get Face ID instead it. Some of the image below from iDrop News show how iPhone 8 will look like even shows finger print scan.

Apple iPhone 8 iOS 11 function area
Concept of the iOS 11 shows the 'function area' for iPhone 8
Image: iDrop News

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