The Most Important feature of the iPhone 8 discovered

iPhone most important feature discovered
iPhone 8 home button will be something new 
We have still yet to know what happening behind Apple's new spaceship campus by, CEO Tim Cook and Jony Ive chief design officer as there are some more clues reveling about the upcoming unreleased iPhone 8 from software leaks.

According to the latest found discovery: The Apple iPhone 8 is said to have a resizable virtual home button, which means it will replace the older physical home button.

Developer Steven Trouhton-Smith has discovered leaked evidence of the home button on iPhone 8 as he said on Twitter that it resizes within a surrounded area and possibly located at the bottom.

Below a mockup image from iOS developers Bonney.
iPhone most important feature discovered
A mockup by iOS developer Bonney show the iPhone 8
Image:- Twitter/Boney

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