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Apple new watch which was publicly announced a month ago, and will be available to buy after another six months, is now showing success in ways.

As we all know Apple which made their smartphone and tablets love people as much as a fashion, now the watch is also following its lead too. The biggest part in Business Apple new Watch is hitting cover of Vogue China's November issue fashion reports.

You can see the Vogue Chinese fashion model Liu Wen showing the timepiece in the above cover.

To know more visit [Business of Fashion]

Apple New Watch Hits Cover of Vogue in China

Lenovo today unveiled its new device a 13.3-inch Android powered Yoga Tablet 2 Pro. The tablet comes with a built-in Pico projector 16:9 high resolution so that you can watch movies and images on a screen or wall.

The Yoga Tablet 2 Pro also bring 8 watt sound system (SS) with subwoofer, quad-HD 2560 x 1440 screen and the battery life up to 3 hours while on projection mode. Whats more to know about the tablet can read further below.

The tablet Android 4.4 KikKat runs on a fourth-generation Intel Atom Processor. It also features 2GB of RAM and up to a 32GB of storage, so with microSD up to 64GB. You can also add an external hard drive if you have more content it give you USB OTG port too.

The main part on projection mode its battery life is up to 3 hours, while if you don't use the projector the tablet has a battery life of 15 hours.

If you are the one buying the Tablet 2 Pro then it will be available at the end if this month for $499.99.

Image: Lenovo 

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro Comes With Projector

Skype Announces Version 7 for Mac and Windows Preview Like the Mobile App

Imgur Converts GIFs Into MP4 Videos Via GIFV Format

Imgur the photo sharing site announced today it has upgraded its site to convert GIF files with MP4 videos so that it can improve it page loading time and the mobile performance too.

The changes included are now you can upload up-to 50MB GIFs while first the limit was only 5MB. You can also take an example look on how the
5MB GIF vs the new converted 50MB file look.

Now the new format of GIFV will also work well on social networking site like Facebook and Twitter and will have a better look. To know more in details about it you can now go to the Imgur blog by clicking the below link.

What do you think about Imgur latest upgrade? Let us know through our comments.

➤ Imgur Blog

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Imgur Now Converts Uploaded GIFs Into MP4 Videos With GIFV Format

SoundCloud Redesigns Its Web to Match iOS and Android App

Apple owners first showed up the Bendgate then the Gapgate. And now the latest new "gate" is the Hairgate with videos for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Some owners of the iPhone are saying the aluminum meets the glass and catches the hair which makes it pull out. Other owners have also said they have long hair and doesn't happen but still want to make the Hairgate test.

So you need not to worry. As they will test with another smartphone itself. In the future or maybe tomorrow.

If you are having the same issues with your smartphone? Let us know in our comments.

The iPhone 6 'Hairgate' Video Is Not a Thing

Facebook's which bought the mobile messaging application WhatsApp is now on complete list. The Europe's antitrust regulator on Friday gave green light to it, and the $19billion deal got closed in the US.

After filing with SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) today it also got revealed that Jan Koum CEO and Co-founder of WhatsApp has become the board member of Facebook. Now the huge and popular messaging app is owned by Facebook.

The new owner of WhatsApp are influencing the product. What do you think about this post ? Lets us know thought our comments.

Facebook Completed its $19 billion WhatsApp Acquisition

Skype is going to make unable to call for users in India on landline and mobile inside the country as described in its support page, this feature will be unavailable from Nov 10.

The reason is still un-pending from Skype why it is abandoning domestic voice calls in India. Users can make calls on landline and mobile phones outside the country, and other countries can call too in India but not within the country.

Click on the link to read Skype support page. Still it is un-clarified why is Skype shutting down this feature.

➤ Skype: via Times of India  

Skype to Stop Users in India from Calling Domestic Mobiles and Landline