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Apple iPhone 12 Massive new feature leak just revealed

apple iPhone 12 massive new feature leak just revealed

The new leak of the iPhone 12 might be the biggest yet in times. We have got videos from EverthingApplePro that shows the the upcoming model will have a huge display and a upgraded camera and Face improvement from previous models.

We got reports from 9to5Mac, that the iPhone 12 will come with 120Hz promotion display, the screen features 6.1 and 6.7-inch for Pro series coming with a dynamic feature that's 60Hz and 120Hz depends on the phone handy. Like the 120Hz is the mode while you play games or doing something like watching movies, while the 60Hz can be used for basic tasks go to it while chatting, emails and much more that can help maintain your phone for battery life.

Now let's talk about the iPhone's 12 battery life it comes with a battery pack of 4,400mAh for Pro models that have been claimed. Other related news line up that the face scanner will have a wider-angle lens, sensors of Face Id will shrink downwards and could unlock for multiple positions, even they are gonna use algorithms for tracking facial features.

Camers for the upcoming iPhone 12 models will have 2 to 3 times more and better auto focus with a better performance under low light and a slow motion detection with a optical zoom upgrade that's 2 x 3 times more better with a clear shots.

Even the iPhone 12 is rumored to have a LiDAR depth that's better in portrait mode for photos and videos. We have more rumors on the iPhone 12 that the pro end models are gonna come with a 5G connectivity featuring a OLED screen with four variations two with standard thats 5.4 and 6.1 inch and the Pro that's 6.11 and 6.7 inch yet there are lots of months left for the release of the iPhone will wait for more leaks on it.

Be waited for what's more to come on the iPhone 12. Wait the the next big leak.

Image: PhoneArena
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